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Tootega Catalyst 88 - from $1905

The Catalyst is all about having fun in whitewater with minimum fuss!  This sit-on-top design of a creekboat hull instantly changes the process of entering/exiting a traditional whitewater kayak with no need for a spraydeck.  It's perfect for introducing newer paddlers to the moving water environment as it removes the sensation of "feeling trapped" whilst still providing a super-solid connection to the boat.  Intermediate paddlers will enjoy this boat as well as it's very capable of handling grade 3+.  

At the heart of the Catalyst is a super-stable hull that is based on the Bazooka hull-form designed by whitewater designer-extraordinaire, Celliers Kruger.  Tootega have taken this great hull and blended it with over 50 years of whitewater paddling experience within their own design team, along with their specialist construction and S.O.T. expertise, to create one of the most fun and versatile boats available today.  

WE HAVE FLEET PRICING AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL OPERATORS! Please send us an email if you're interested.

Length: 8'10" / 269cm

Width: 30.5" / 77cm

Weight: 21kgs

Weight Range: 55 - 120kgs

Available in 7 colours

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Delivery Info

We've worked out how to ship our boats to nearly every location across this gigantic country. In most cases we use designated canoe/kayak couriers to transport our boats, as the mainstream couriers struggle with the size. An indication of cost to courier a boat is: Sydney - $100, Melbourne - $150, ACT - $100, Brisbane - $150, Adelaide - $250, Tasmania - $300, Sunshine Coast - $200, Townsville - $300, Cairns - $350, Perth - $350-$500. Contact us below for a firm quote and estimated delivery date.

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Due to customisation options, stock levels and delivery variances, our boats are not purchasable online (we'd love to help ensure you are ordering the right boat for you first). Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to purchase, and we'll go through everything with you.