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Can I buy directly from you or do I need to go through one of your dealers?
You're welcome to choose either. If you have a fleet requirement then please deal with us directly.  The dealers that we have are trusted partners and, if there is one in your area, we encourage you to bring your business to them if you're a private user. However, we also sell direct-to-public but adhere to the same retail pricing as our dealers. If there is no dealer near you then please feel free to work with us directly. If your local paddlesports shop doesn't stock our brands, please let them know that you want them to! We can ship to nearly anywhere.  

Can I hire your boats?
Yes!  We offer a regular hire (with delivery) and a take-away hire service from our location in Kangaroo Valley, NSW.  Until our new website goes live you can book this by contacting us directly!  We have Silverbirch and Wenonah Canoes, Current Designs Kayaks, Aquayak Sit-on-tops, and full fleet hire available.  For takeaway hire all you need is a way to safely transport them and you can hit the road in search of adventure.

Where are the boats made?
Wenonah Canoes and Current Designs are proudly made in Minnesota, USA as are the Key Rolling Logs. The Silverbirch Canoes range and Tootega Kayaks range are made in the UK. The "Big Canoes" that we offer come from Western Canada.  

What do you have in-stock?
You can find a live link to our current stock-list here.

Can I order a custom boat? How long will it take to get here?
You are encouraged to order EXACTLY what you want in your canoe or kayak! We will never try to sell you the wrong boat just because it's what we have "on the shelf". There is no extra cost to custom-order a boat, but there may be a bit of a wait. We aim to bring in a container roughly every 3-4 months so this is the rough estimate of what your wait may be. Typically we request a $500 "holding deposit" to secure your order.

How much does shipping cost?
We've worked out how to ship our products to nearly every location across this gigantic country! In most cases we use designated canoe/kayak couriers to transport our boats. As an indication, Sydney - $100, Melbourne - $150, ACT - $100, Brisbane - $150, Adelaide - $250, Tasmania - $400, Sunshine Coast - $200, Townsville - $300, Cairns - $350, Perth - $350 - $500

Where can I test-paddle a Wenonah canoe or Current Designs kayak or a Silverbirch Canoe or Tootega Kayak?
We are located in Kangaroo Valley in NSW. We have a large range of demo boats in our fleet which you're welcome to try - simply contact us and make a booking! One of our experienced staff will answer all of your questions and help guide you through the process of finding the boat that's just right for you.

Do you offer instruction?
We certainly do! We offer a range of instruction to suit absolute beginners to experts. All of our staff are trained and qualified paddlers with enormous amounts of personal and professional experience. You can find out all about our training courses here.  If you don't see the course that suits you then we're happy to create a bespoke offering just for you.

What kind of warranty do these boats have?
The boats are covered by the manufacturer for defects in workmanship. Paddle & Portage Canoes, as the in-country distributor of Wenonah Canoes and Current Designs Kayaks, or Silverbirch Canoes and Tootega Kayaks, can readily supply any necessary warranty or repair parts as needed. Anything that we don't have in-stock we can have express posted from the manufacturer.

How tough are the composite boats?
The composite boats are considered to be anything in the non-plastic range - made of a textile fabric/resin. The boats are all hand-made with extreme attention to detail. With nearly 50 years of composite building experience you can feel assured that Wenonah Canoe/Current Designs know exactly what they're doing. The boats are made using woven fibres (rather than chopped strands) which are hand-laid into the boat mould. The hulls are then selectively-reinforced to ensure that the high-wear areas are beefed-up with several layers of material. By selectively-reinforcing the high-wear areas and not the entire canoe the result is a boat that is lighter than other composite boats but still as tough or even tougher. Every Wenonah Canoe and Current Designs Kayak is made to be used and enjoyed. With sensible use, your boat may very well last you the rest of your paddling life.

Are the canoes/kayaks easy to fix?
Yes, they are easy to fix and fortunately, fairly hard to break. If ever required, some simple repairs can be performed at home with fantastic cosmetic results. Other, more complex repairs can be completed by a professional composite repair-person. Fortunately, it's not hard to find these people! We have a growing network of professionals who we are happy to recommend. The good news is that since we started importing Wenonah Canoes & Current Designs Kayaks in 2010, we have had very few repairs conducted - all minor.

Do I need special roof-racks to carry a boat?
For canoes, the best way to transport them is upside-down with the gunwales (side-rails) down against the roof bars. Most roof-bars are suitable for this use - a reputable brand with a solid rubber strip on top provides the best peace-of-mind with a solid platform upon which the canoe can be strapped.
For kayaks, there are a number of ways to transport them on roof-racks. Some manufacturers sell purpose-built "kayak cradles" which work, but a cheaper solution may be a set of foam kayak cradles which are available in our accessories section.

Why don't you publish the capacity of your canoes?

The easy answer to this is that you'll likely never exceed the capacity of any of our canoes.  As the "maximum capacity" figure is a theoretical number it is sometimes unfairly used as a comparitive tool between "brand A" and "brand B" to determine which is most suitable.  For that reason, both Wenonah Canoe and Silverbirch don't publish a figure for capacity.  However, if you speak with us we can quite accurately describe (from personal experience) how much gear and people each canoe can handle.  Yes, pictures can be provided so that you can visualise this.