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Silverbirch Agent 88 - from $2700

The design brief was simple for this boat - quick, nimble, dry, forgiving, fun. 

With a huge amount of team input, multiple prototypes, and extensive testing in Corsica, UK winter floods, and on the US east coast Silverbirch have made this brief a reality!

The Agent has more rocker than any other Silverbirch model, more volume, and more edge. The result is a forgiving and highly-manoeuvrable creeker with plenty of tail rocker to kill excessive speed on steeper sections and a nose rocker profile made to boof everything in sight!

A well-defined chine with a hard exit complements the central rocker profile to give the Agent plenty of drive and acceleration when on rail whilst retaining a chine angle that doesn’t “trip up” on rocks.

Plenty of sidewall flair ensures there is all the secondary stability you need when things get a little rowdy and has the added benefit of ensuring the Agent fits a wide range of paddler weights.


"a boat many thought to be a creeker for bigger paddlers has quickly shown itself to be an enjoyable boat for all sizes of paddlers! The shorter size makes for quick maneuverability, while the width and overall boat design offers the primary stability many paddlers look for when stepping up their game to steep creeking"

Holly Repport - Boof Sister & Silverbirch brand ambassador

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We've worked out how to ship our boats to nearly every location across this gigantic country. In most cases we use designated canoe/kayak couriers to transport our boats, as the mainstream couriers struggle with the size. An indication of cost to courier a boat is: Sydney - $100, Melbourne - $150, ACT - $100, Brisbane - $150, Adelaide - $250, Tasmania - $300, Sunshine Coast - $200, Townsville - $300, Cairns - $350, Perth - $350-$500. Contact us below for a firm quote and estimated delivery date.

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