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Silverbirch Covert 9.3 - from $2700

"Sometimes you just have to throw the rulebook away"

That's exactly what the designers at Silverbirch did.  In development, nothing was off-limits and nothing was pre-set.  They sat down in the shaping bay with a blank piece of paper and a simple brief - "To create the fastest, most-manoeuvrable, and most-predictable open WW canoe possible.  

At the core of this philosophy is Silverbirch's stepped-rocker profile.  The step in the tail ensures a clean release of water from the stern, which not only reduces drag but also helps to reduce the tendency for the tail to bog down on boily eddy lines or when getting bounced around by large lateral waves.   

The sidewall profile of the boat is also continually curved.  This helps boost secondary stability and is carefully angled to keep the waterline width to a minimum.

As the Covert is made just to slide, spin, grind, boof, and surf its way down the river it is also built with the best possible materials.  Every boat is built in-house by a dedicated team of paddlers, using a custom-grade of super-tough high-density polyethylene.

Duratuff - $2700

Hydrolite - $2820

(airbags sold separately)

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We've worked out how to ship our boats to nearly every location across this gigantic country. In most cases we use designated canoe/kayak couriers to transport our boats, as the mainstream couriers struggle with the size. An indication of cost to courier a boat is: Sydney - $100, Melbourne - $150, ACT - $100, Brisbane - $150, Adelaide - $250, Tasmania - $300, Sunshine Coast - $200, Townsville - $300, Cairns - $350, Perth - $350-$500. Contact us below for a firm quote and estimated delivery date.

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Due to customisation options, stock levels and delivery variances, our boats are not purchasable online (we'd love to help ensure you are ordering the right boat for you first). Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to purchase, and we'll go through everything with you.