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Grey Owl "Eagle Feather" Paddle - $330.00

This gorgeous paddle is a functional piece of art with some real power in the water. The “Eagle Feather” is a great combination of blade length and surface area which is surprisingly robust considering its beautiful construction. The strong, reinforced handle with that beautiful blade gives great power and pull in the water while still enjoying beautiful feel associated with a wooden paddle. The “football” grip is super smooth and comfortable in hand with great purchase in your palm with that real contoured feel. The blade length really allows you to control the boat with targeted strokes on the front and back of the boat when soloing or with a partner. This makes this paddle both an eye-catching work of art and an incredibly versatile tool when out on the water. Comes with a resin insert in the tip for impact resistance. We recommend sizing 2” more than your usual paddle length for your height. Comes in 2 inch increments from 56" - 62" (some smaller sizes available on request as special order)