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YAK Kallista 50N - $89.95

The humble recreational PFD is often overlooked in the race to produce the newest/latest/greatest/most extreme product. However, it is at the recreational level that most people experience Paddlesports for the first time. So why not make the experience a better one: Ensure comfort and security without breaking the bank.


Robust outer cover material to improve wear characteristics and product longevity

Flexible foam panels to offer greater wearer comfort

Optimised foam construction to give best balance of comfort and light weight

Fuss free front zip donning makes life simple and eliminates user confusion

Dual side adjustment to give the best possible fit and security in the water

Padded shoulder adjustment to allow a wide size range adjustment

Versatile front pocket, which is big enough to take the essentials (it’s all about the gram!!)

Secure in-seam key pocket, cunningly sitting between the foam to improve comfort